About Us


Jayne E. Smith, PhD, Founder/CEO

Dr. Smith started in the mental health field as a volunteer for a suicide crisis hotline in 1998.  She has worked in residential treatment, community college, university, charter school, and private practice settings providing counseling, program management and clinical supervision.  She has taught in high school, undergraduate and graduate programs.  Dr. Smith is a nationally board-certified counselor and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in California.  She has had personal experience with mental illness and is a consumer of mental health treatment.  


Our Approach to Mental Health Education

Expert trainers and educators partner with Mental Health Education Group.  We are committed to de-stigmatizing mental health by sharing evidence-enhanced resources and learning opportunities.  Evidence-enhanced means we care about research-based best practices and practices with potential that may not yet have empirical data support.  Our approach is rooted in a biopsychosocial perspective that includes multicultural identity development.  We believe individual characteristics, social groups and systems impact mental health.  Our aim is to promote mental health through sharing knowledge and resources that invite self-discovery.


Our Approach to Program Design & Evaluation

We strive to work with organizations and schools to design mental health programs based on local needs.  We have experience in needs assessments, program evaluation, grant writing, awareness campaigns, service provision, and workshop and seminar design.